A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Breed little circles to make them resemble the target as close as possible. Drag and drop them to make sure they breed with the right mates and inherit the correct traits. Use the radiation slider to bomb the circles with radiation and make them mutate. Watch out, they also mutate when breeding!

Ludum Dare 37 entry!

Install instructions


- Unzip RadioactiveRoom_SyntheticSelection_windows.zip

- Run RadioactiveRoom_SyntheticSelection_windows.exe


- Unzip RadioactiveRoom_SyntheticSelection_linux.zip

- Run the command: sudo apt intsall libsfml-dev

- Run the command: ./RadioactiveRoom_SyntheticSelection


RadioactiveRoom_SyntheticSelection_Linux.zip 102 kB
RadioactiveRoom_SyntheticSelection_windows.zip 1 MB

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