A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

You are in a spacecraft stranded in low earth orbit. Something went wrong and destroyed your entire power routing network! First you have to build it back up and power all the systems vital to your survival. Press the "Click to start" button to start after building the new network.

Machines will break.

The lights will go out.

Help is underway: can you adapt your network quick enough to survive, or will you die a slow death in space?

Play time: ~10 minutes.

Install instructions


Unzip and run PanelPanic.exe.


You need SFML 2.3 to run this game.

sudo apt install libsfml-dev
unzip PanelPanicLinux.zip
cd PanelPanicLinux


PanelPanicWindows.zip 8 MB
PanelPanicLinux.zip 8 MB

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